no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed


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are cats solar powered?? why are they always trying to lie in the sun


what the fuck. i was making a joke but its actually true


i blame the person who made this text post 


John Grade: Sculptures and installations

Sculptures and installations by Seattle-based artist John Grade.

This series marks a pivotal transition couched between the larger works and featured new sculpture in wood and resin (example: Core) as well as two in iron, cast at the Kohler facility during Grades installation of Capacitor. For Grade, the human scale pieces are especially important as “they act as fertile ground – allowing time to reflect, experiment and explore alternative directions and sub themes that cannot be hit within the larger works.”


I like how Natasha always cares about other people’s safety before hers.

Daniel’s message to Tom and Tom’s response to it on Good Day LA

A glass of wine from Beckett to Beckett.

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This is what I am now..


Unpublished Harper’s Bazaar(China) Jensen photoshoots

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